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Whenever a company attempts to touch a well known and loved property, they tread into particularly dangerous territory. Go too loose with the interpretation, and you'll get roasted by fans and critics for completely abandoning the source material; too close and there's practically no point in making the game version at all. This was the tightrope that Electronic Arts had to walk with The Godfather II, the recently released action title that attempts to follow some key elements of the acclaimed film. Adding in a healthy dose of strategy to aid fledgling Dons with their criminal empire, The Godfather II provides a good dose of entertainment, but the lack of difficulty holds the game back from truly becoming a great crime game.

Recommended configuration:
Intel 965 Original Motherboard
Core2Duo 2.13 Processor
1GB DDR2 Ram running at 667MHz
Windows XP SP2 / 7


The Godfather Compressed 498 MB
 (Size: 498.79 MB)

The God Father The Game Crack
kps.godfather.exe487.04 MB
Read Me.txt550 bytes


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